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Ten facts about aviation security:

  1. The purpose of a pre-flight inspection is to ensure the safety of passengers.
  2. Passing inspection is a duty established by international and Russian rules. Refusal to pass the inspection entails the termination of the air carriage contract.
  3. Any jokes on aviation security during the pre-flight inspection are unacceptable and entail repeated inspection of passengers, baggage, delay in the departure of the aircraft, compensation by the passenger, who made the joke.
  4. Pre-flight inspection is carried out using technical means of inspection. A body search may be carried out by the decision of an aviation security service employee or a representative of Internal Affairs authorities.
  5. At the request of passengers with implanted pacemakers, their inspection is carried out without the use of technical means.
  6. Pre-flight inspection of passengers, who are unable to move independently, is carried out at the medical center.
  7. It is prohibited to carry any containers with liquids (including those that are less than 100 ml) in cabin luggage. The exceptions are medicines, special dietary needs, baby food (including breast milk) in the amount required for the duration of the flight subject to their identification.
  8. Liquids, gels, and aerosols purchased from duty-free shops are packed in plastic bags that can only be opened on board the aircraft.
  9. It is necessary to inform an aviation security service employee or a representative of Internal Affairs authorities about the carried weapons in advance.
  10. It is prohibited to accept from unauthorized persons any items for transportation or temporary storage in the lounges and the adjacent territory.
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